About the founder

Mr. Igor Ryvkin studied at Saint-Petersburg University of Economy and Finances, after which he worked five years as an analyst for the Wood Industries Confederation of North-West Russia This position provided contacts with the top management of all major Russian forest industry companies, while gaining a solid understanding of the forest industry and related topics. During this period, Mr. Ryvkin organized many contacts between Russian and Western companies.
After leaving the confederation, Igor began working as an independent consultant, organizing meetings which brought top management from Western and Russian forest companies together, as well as providing information and analyses needed in order for them to start cooperation.
He remains a volunteer analyst for the Confederation. Igor has a unique experience of knowing the Russian forest industry and its formal as well as informal contact channels, which is combined with a solid understanding of how business is done in the West. This insight is put in use when assisting clients trading forest products, either as exports of Russian goods or as imports of foreign products, or when exploring investment opportunities.

Specialties: forecasts of key commodity prices, estimates and investor recommendations, fundamental analysis of major companies, key contacts in Russian timber industry.

Russian Timber Industry Consulting   RTIC   

Консалтинг Лесной Промышленности России