Russian Timber Industry Consulting RTIC

We are an independent company fully committed and dedicated to help our clients achieve exceptional results in the Russian and Global Wood Products Industry through tailor-made consulting and advisory services.

Business Development, Strategy review and development, Market research and analysis of trends, Product opportunity assessment, Production cost comparisons, Seminars / presentations.

Products; lumber, panels, engineered wood products, bio-energy, but also wood resources and value added products such as furniture, joinery and housing.

As one of the world’s largest log exporters, Russia’s lumber market has a global impact.

We provide:

  • Key contacts in Russian Wood Products
  • Overview of Russian log harvesting and wood products production trends
  • Impact of the new Russian log export tax and quota regulations
  • Russia’s export fit in key global log and lumber markets – especially China, Japan, Europe and US.
  • Review of Russian logging practices and implications on future coniferous saw log supply
  • Cost Benchmarking analysis of Russian sawmill costs and EBITDA earnings compared to key regional competitors
  • Investment trends in the Russian forest industry
  • Assessment of potential risks of doing business in Russia

Вопросы международного и российского законодательства по хвойным пиломатериалам

Сравнительная характеристика международных сертификационных систем для основных рынков пиломатериалов (FSC, PEFC, CFI, CSA, MTCC).
Описание предложений сертификации в РФ.
Внутренние сертификационные системы основных стран импортеров (США, Япония, Китай, Великобритания), соответствие их требованиям.

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Экспортные рынки пиломатериалов

Ключевые контакты среди иностранных покупателей.
Сбор и подготовка информации по международным рынкам для инвестиционного проекта.
Объемы и цены реализации хвойных пиломатериалов СЗФО на основных внешних рынках.

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